Utah Law Firm Accepting Auto Accident Victims With Traumatic Brain Injuries

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 15, 2011 ) Sandy, Utah - Utah Injury Lawyer Craig Swapp announces that his Utah-based law firm, Craig Swapp & Associates, now represents clients who have suffered serious or mild traumatic brain injuries after being involved in an automobile, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accident. Victims of traumatic brain injuries often suffer physical, cognitive and psychological problems, which require costly advanced medical care and possible long-term treatment or care.

Accident victims with serious brain injuries can have significant problems with communication, motor skills, balance, strength or perceptional skills, which can take years or a lifetime to deal with. Even those suffering from mild traumatic brain injuries can suffer some short-term effects that require advanced medical care, says Swapp. As a Utah brain injury lawyer, I know the importance of making sure the insurance company fully compensates the victim for all current and future medical costs.

Swapp adds that some victims with extensive brain injuries often need to adapt to certain disability issues, including personal mobility, physical or cognitive therapy, modifications to a personal residence or specialized transportation. All these factors and costs must be represented in the final settlement, he says.

The most common traumatic brain injury is when the head hits an object, causing the brain to strike the inside of the skull which results in dangerous bruising, bleeding or swelling. In some automobile or truck accidents, the head can come in contact with any number of objects, such as the dashboard, windows, or steering wheel. The head can also be struck by unsecured objects in the car. We also see many brain injuries with those riding motorcycles, scooters and bicycles, says Swapp, especially when the operator is not wearing a certified helmet.

We cant stress enough importance that the family of a brain injured accident victim contact a Salt Lake City lawyer who understands the wide range of issues involved and makes sure these costs are addressed as part of the final and full settlement, Swapp explains. Once the settlement is agreed upon and accepted by the client, the client no longer has a claim against the defendant and the insurance companies. Thats why our attorneys work hard to make sure everything is addressed so the victim can continue his or her recovery.

The Law Firm of Craig Swapp & Associates handles serious personal injury cases, including vehicle or pedestrian accidents, animal attacks, dangerous drugs, defective medical devices, or wrongful death. For more information about brain injuries from vehicular accidents, please visit Utah injury attorney Craig Swapps brain injury or auto accident websites, or call 1-800-404-9000 for a free consultation.

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