Announces New Solution For Removing Court Records From The Internet

(, November 15, 2011 ) Dencer, CO --, an Internet privacy firm has announced a new solution for removing information such as old court cases, litigation documents and dockets, civil records, newspaper articles, press releases and other public records from Google and the Internet. Public records are populating across the Internet at an exponential rate. Less than a decade ago a person would have to go to the local court house to dig up old court cases and find detailed legal information. With the explosion of Google and the Internet, this information has quickly made its way into the public eye. With the click of a button someone can punch you or your company into Google and find just about anything. Personal information such as your address, phone numbers, job details, criminal record, tax records, court judgments and much more are now being made publicly available on the Internet.

Private companies have developed complex data aggregating scripts to collect public information from government websites the minute they become available. As soon as a document is filed in the court house it will be put into an online database, where it can then be picked up by private companies and disseminated across the Internet. Records dating as far back as the 1800s are being put online. Some of these documents and records can be extremely damaging to an individual or companys reputation. Having a 10 year old mugshot record or a 20 year old court case showing up on the Internet when someone searches you can instantly cause serious problems. specializes in helping companies and individuals protect their online reputation by removing harmful records and publishing positive, fresh, new content to recreate their online presence. is excited to announce they have developed a new process for targeting and removing court documents from Google.

Currently there is no law against disseminating public information on the Internet. Current laws allow this information to be readily available so people are left with very few options protecting their online privacy. Online reputation management firms such as are taking action to help companies and individuals protect their private information.

About is a Denver based Internet privacy firm that specializes in helping people remove their private information and negative slander from the Internet. works with individuals and companies all around the world.

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