Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Nick Alcock Addresses Students At Tempe High School

(, November 14, 2011 ) Phoenix, AZ -- Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Nick Alcock addressed students at Tempe High School on November 14, 2011. The visit was organized by his former biology teacher Scott Greenhalgh, who now serves as an administrator for the school. Their goal is to get the young men and women to understand how their choices can affect their lives.

Alcock states, As a criminal defense lawyer, I see how young people can make rash decisions that destroy their futures. From drug sales to alcohol involved auto accidents--the story is often the same. A child acts without thinking, and a terrible and life altering event occurs. My job here is to get these kids to stop and make better decisions.

The Phoenix attorney used a variety of life stories to connect with the children. Alcock explained how he worked through high school with landscaping and restaurant jobs. He brought up the peer pressure he experienced as a young man, and how the wrong decisions could have destroyed his life.

I love coming to schools and connecting with these students, Alcock explains. I know I dont reach all of audience. However, every time I finish one of these talks a few kids will come up to me and thank me for my efforts. Thats all I need to keep me coming back for more.

Over the years, Alcock and his staff of attorneys have spoken to thousands of people at free events across the Valley. Alcock has an ongoing scholarship program at Ingleside Middle School and has recently announced a new scholarship initiative at Tempe High. He states, The best part about the scholarship programs are the awards ceremonies. Many times the parents arent fully aware of their childs accomplishments and it is great to get them involved.

Alcock and Associates, P.C. is a Phoenix law firm that handles DUI, criminal, accident and immigration cases. The firm can be reached at 602-989-5000.

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