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(, April 09, 2012 ) SALT LAKE CITY, UT- LegalView, a leading online legal resource, has updated its traumatic brain injury portal about the funding discrepancies between TBI and other less common ailments. LegalView is committed to providing updated information to TBI victims and their families.

Patrick Donohue was an ordinary guy until his daughter sustained a traumatic brain injury. Then, he became an expert. He knows a lot about the disease, but there's still one thing he can't figure out. Why is there such a lack of funding for a condition that is more common than most other health conditions?

Donohue became an expert on traumatic brain injury, or TBI, when the nurse he and his wife hired shook their little girl, Sarah Jane, after she was born. The incident caused four broken ribs, two broken collarbones and severe brain damage.

Donohue explains that $4 billion a year goes into researching HIV/AIDS, which afflicts 56,000 people a year. Autism, which is newly diagnosed in 24,000 a year, receives close to $1 billion a year from various sources. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are an estimated 5.3 Americans are suffering from a brain injury that will have long term effects. Every year, 1.4 million individuals the in United States experience a brain injury, and of those, 50,000 die and 20,000 are hospitalized.

Unlike many other ailments, Donohue laments, treatment for a brain injury is not standard. For example, leukemia doctors have a standard of care that is consistent. He says that when you present a TBI case to doctors, they will have a dozen different procedures done. Three years ago, he brought together a panel of experts to try to create a universal plan that would be accessible to all American families.

Since every state has its own primary source of brain injury, 50 states have 50 different master plans. For instance, Donohue explains, Utah has more accidents related to skiing than some states and fewer of some other causes, which can include stroke, child abuse or concussions.

A current resolution before Congress called the PABI (pediatric-acquired brain injury) Plan Act would recognize brain injury and endorse a national master plan to treat it. It would create a 52-state Lead Centers of Excellence, one for every state including the Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Each center would focus on its own demographics, geography, laws, infrastructure, financing and causes of brain injury without duplicating current practices.

Additionally, the plan would create an evidence-based system of care for all children and young adults suffering from traumatic brain injury regardless of where they live in the United States.

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