New York Bankruptcy Attorney Peltz Inspires Clients with Cyndi Lauper’s Story

(, August 06, 2012 ) Brooklyn,New York -- NY bankruptcy attorney Jeff Peltz has a great way of improving the moral of his clients: “Giving up is not an option. Look at Cyndi Lauper, she declared bankruptcy back in 1980 and then managed to become very wealthy and famous”.

It appears that Atty Peltz, founder of the new website at knows perfectly well what he's talking about. Cindy Lauper, the 80s icon, seemed to have it all back then: fame, money and songs that always found a way to the top of the charts. But despite all this, she was forced to file for bankruptcy just as she was starting out as a singer. In her yearly years, she was a member of the Blue Angels band and they released one album which flopped in the first months. Only to make things worse, their band was sued by their manager for $80,000. Consequently, the band split only to reveal what would be the turning point of Cindy’s career.

As she was recovering from bankruptcy, Lauper started singing in local New York clubs, as her manager did his best to get her record deals. Turns out he succeeded as he got Lauper to sign with Portrait and record “She’s so Unusual”, which then released the world famous single Girls Just Want to Have Fun and became the iconic Cindy Lauper we know today.

“What an amazing lady”, smiles Attorney Peltz, “She did what every successful person does when they get knocked down, she got back up. Bankruptcy allows you to stay in the game and persevere. In Cyndi's case she continued on with her passions of entertaining and recording records. By declaring bankruptcy she put herself in the position to record a number one record and become a star. For her bankruptcy wasn't the end of the world, merely the beginning.”

“Many people associate great shame with bankruptcy”, continued New York bankruptcy lawyer Attorney Peltz, “But have a different, more realistic take on this. You see, it doesn't ruin people's lives but rather gives them motivation for working smarter so that they don't repeat their old mistakes. Now they have a fresh start, without all the horrible weight of all that debt grinding them down”.

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