Palm Beach Coronary Stent Attorney Seeks Cases for Unnecessary Stent Procedure

(, August 14, 2012 ) WEST PALM BEACH, FL – HCA Health Care hospitals across Florida have been performing unnecessary coronary stent procedures in recent years. Since the initial 2002 allegations stating that the hospital giant was performing surgeries on patients who did not necessarily need them, an investigation was conducted confirming the allegations. South Florida is amongst those affected. Accordingly, if you have suffered unnecessary surgery, a Palm Beach coronary stent attorney can assess your case and guide you to justice. For more information regarding unnecessary coronary stents, please visit:

Heart complications such as clogged heart arteries have led doctors to undergo coronary stent surgeries. However, research has proven that many of those patients should have been given a number of options to handle heart issues without this procedure. Gordon & Doner’s Palm Beach coronary stent attorney is an expert in this field. If you or a loved has had a coronary stent surgery that may have been unnecessary, we are here to help.

Over-stenting has become somewhat of a phenomenon, as physicians frequently conduct unnecessary coronary stent procedures. While this surgery can be effective, research has proven that there are quite a few less invasive, more effective procedures available. In fact, coronary stenting is not recommended for patients with arteries that are less than 70% blocked.

While media attention continues to surge, unfortunately, overuse of coronary stents remains a serious issue in Florida. The high cost associated with coronary stenting has led physicians to continually convince patients that a coronary stent operation is imperative. If you believe that you have undergone an unnecessary coronary stent procedure, contact a Palm Beach coronary stent attorney today.

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