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(, August 27, 2012 ) Singapore, SG -- Single mothers are no more a taboo now-a-days. Due to myriad reasons, circumstances and compulsions, many women become single mothers and raise their children single-handedly. There are a number of children across the globe being taken care of and nurtured by single moms. Single moms have all rights to lead a decent and respectful life. Single mother my choice is an online help that is readily available for all single moms looking for counseling and other assistance.

There are various reasons that can compel a woman to raise her children on her own. These reasons could be - the father might have left for whatsoever reason, fiancé might have passed away, or the mother left an abusive relationship etc. In addition, there could be some other reasons including divorce, rape, and failed birth control.

There are ofcourse a lot of challenges that a single mom faces to raise her children single-handedly. The most prominent ones are child care, finance, food and housing etc.Motherhood itself is pregnant with lot of emotional and social ups and downs. Many bottlenecks keep coming up like jobs, healthcare, mental health, handling money and time, juggling between multiple tasks, debt, social liabilities, loans, insurance, child’s future, and so on.

Due to the daunting task of maintaining a balance between many tasks, it is necessary for single mothers to know about their rights, the resources available and the financial assistance being granted by the state to them (can be Money help for single moms too in some cases)

State aid for single mothers can be very helpful for those single parents who have limited resources to raise their children.Government even provides grants for single moms to pay bills.

Raising a child as single mother is one of the most difficult task to do. It becomes even more daunting when there is no resource or any support. Channelizing the resources in the right way, at the right time, is the best thing a single parent can do. Just to help her find better ways and resources, Single Mother My Choice has been conceptualized and is available as a broader platform of a website.

This site enables single mothers to know about their rights, resources and grants available to them and is committed to make their lives a bit more comfortable than it is currently.

About ( is a broad platform for single mothers who are in search of knowledge, resources and counseling on how to make their lives easier by benefiting from available resources, state grants and other financial aids that are provided by the government.
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