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(, August 07, 2012 ) Singapore, SG -- Parenting as such encompasses a multitude of challenges. And it’s a tested fact that single mother parenting undoubtedly needs extraordinary courage and grit. As the cost of living, expenditure for education, and expenses for daily living are continuing to depart up, the life of a single mom is becoming even more challenging every passing day. Single mothers by all means are highly committed to provide their family a healthy and secure life. This struggle does require hard work and a few compromises off and on.

There are a large number of families run by single mothers who invariably fall prey to poverty due to limited income sources. Monetary limitations keep adding to the woes and sufferings of their families. Thankfully, this aspect can be dealt with by availing different forms of Single Mom Support Programs. There are a plenty of ways in which both state and federal governments aim to provide better life to the families of single moms. Quite a few single parents are in urgent need of assistance in housing, rent, education of children, and some even find it hard to make both ends meet. In such a scenario, it is very important for a single mom to be well-versed with availability of resources around.

Most popular Single Moms Support programs include Food Stamps, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and LIHEAP (Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program). Food Stamps is widely used by single mothers across United States and is very helpful in serving the needy families their daily requirements. TANF is meant to provide temporary cash assistance to low-income families of single mothers who show their need. LIHEAP is a federal government assistance program that can help with paying off energy related costs, utility bills, procedures related to weatherization, and covering up energy-related home repairs etc.

There are many programs that also provide Help with Rent for Single Moms. Section 8 Housing or Housing Choice Voucher program provides single moms with vouchers and pays majority of the rent directly to the landlord. The housing, however, needs to be approved by HUD. Other programs like FEMA provide temporary rental assistance in case of damage to the house or for necessary renovation.

Government also provides educational grants and financial help for single moms who wish to pursue education. They can opt to avail easy educational loans. There are institutional grants and scholarships for single mothers who wish to chase their career dreams with higher education. In order to avail these, one needs to check their qualification compatibility with their state in particular.

Single mothers have litany of responsibilities. Inadequacy of funds, if met well in time, can help them eliminate the hurdles in the way of a happy life. It is thus imperative that every single mom should stay informed and look diligently for the availability of resources around to make life better for herself and her kids.


( is dedicated to provide information on measures of assistance for single mothers. This user-friendly website throws light on various types of assistance programs, grants, and scholarships, to help provide single mothers the resources which can help them.
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