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(, February 27, 2013 ) Los Angeles, CA -- New anti-Internet censorship website AnOpenWeb officially opened its doors this month, providing visitors with a place to learn about how the Internet is altered around the world. With a goal of trying to stop Internet censorship all together, the website is in its early stages when it comes to their efforts.

The first blog post basically provides a general overview on their Stop Internet Censorship campaign. Visitors to the website can get background information on how certain countries treat the Internet, and how others around the world can help make the Internet more accessible for everyone. plans to join other online communities in their effort to stop censorship, so the website makes suggestions that other links will be promoted and mentioned from time to time. Help will also be asked for when it comes to support, either with petitions or personal letters.

Finally, the original blog post is considered to be simply the beginning of the website. It is a work in progress and something that will constantly be updated as time goes on. Visitors are encouraged to bookmark the website to easily keep up to date from time to time.

To learn more, or to visit and bookmark the website for future, visit


An Open Web is a website looking to stop Internet censorship around the world. Countries such as China, North Korea, India and Libya all heavily censor the Internet, preventing people from learning new information at all times.

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