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(, February 23, 2013 ) HOUSTON, TX – Recent homeowners insurance statistics indicate that more than 10 percent of all insurance claims are unjustly denied. Even worse, only 1 percent of those who have been denied an insurance claim make the effort to dispute a claim denial. Denied and unfair claim settlement practices have become commonplace in the United States today. Policy holders pay monthly premiums with the understanding that their insurance company will pay for damages in their time of need.

When an insurer acts in bad faith they may discount, delay, or deny a claims payment with supplying a reasonable basis for such action. From natural disasters to man-made disasters, policy holders depend on their first party policies to cover them when damages occur in an accident of any kind. As a general rule, the injured party is able to recover for any and all injuries or harm sustained for damages in tort. These damages may include legal expenses, mental distress, and any economic losses.

Regardless of the cause of damage, it is important for those who have been taken advantage of by insurance companies to seek legal representation. Arguello, Hope & Associates represents policy holders across the nation, irrespective of the causes of damage. Insurance claim causes range significantly and seeking experienced personal injury attorneys who have the knowledge and skill necessary to fight for fair compensation is essential.

About Arguello, Hope & Associates, PLLC
Arguello, Hope & Associates is dedicated to getting things done for personal injury claimants efficiently and, sometimes, in non-traditional ways. The national personal injury law firm is committed to the pursuit of protecting the rights of clients and obtaining justice for those that have been injured or suffered losses due to the negligence of another person, item, product or other environmental factors. Contact the firm at 409-497-4574 or for a free and confidential case review and more information about your legal rights.

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