Barna, Guzy, and Steffen Attorney Joan Quade, J.D. in MNCREW Spotlight

(, February 18, 2013 ) Minneapolis, MN -- Minnesota Commercial Real Estate Women (MNCREW) is full of talented professional women who cover every angle of the real estate industry. It’s easy to imagine that it might be tough for them to choose out just one professional to cover in their monthly newsletter. In February Barna, Guzy, and Steffen was proud to see attorney Joan Quade, J.D. featured in MNCREW’s spotlight.

Quade has practiced Litigation & Employment law for over 25 years. She is the Practice Group leader of the Litigation Department at BGS and has tackled cases for large corporate clients, real estate developers and property managers.

Some of Quade’s current work in particular seemed to catch MNCREW’s eye. For example, Quade has taken a particular interest in advanced boundary disputes brought on by GPS devices. She has also been keeping her clients in the real estate field abreast of changes in the industry, such as the move away from expensive litigation and the move towards mediation in Minnesota. MNCREW highlighted her experience as a seeker of Win-Win solutions for clients, in addition to being a tough litigation expert.

About Barna, Guzy, & Steffen, Ltd.:

As a member of MNCREW Quade has helped many other professional women in the area grow both professionally and personally. BGS is proud of Quade’s accomplishments and her commitment to her industry and her peers.

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