Citrin Law Firm Discusses Recent Police Checkpoint Citations and Felony Arrests

(, February 28, 2013 ) MOBILE AL - On Tuesday evening the Mobile Police Department set up safety checkpoints throughout the area. Over one-hundred citations were given along with five felony arrests between 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM. Included in these felony arrests were two cases of driving under the influence. The remainder of the citations included the following:

• One running of a red light
• 25 individuals with no or expired driver’s license
• 16 individuals with a revoked, suspended or canceled driver’s license
• Four individuals with expired tags
• Two individuals with no child restraints
• 75 individuals with no proof of insurance
• 11 individuals with no vehicle registration

More checkpoints, at undisclosed locations, are planned to be setup for this evening as the Mobile Police Department continues to monitor our roads to keep its citizens safe. One police officer stated that “these checkpoints are a part of an ongoing operation”, when asked where the checkpoints were located.

If we take step back and look at these felonies and citations, we will notice that many of these cases contribute to the increased numbers of injuries and deaths related to automobile accidents. A statistic by MADD states that in 2011, 9,878 people were killed and around 350,000 were injured as a result of drunk driving.

As for the citations given out, these factors also contribute the number of injuries and deaths. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration reports that over two million collisions are contributed to negligent drivers ignoring traffic lights. The remainder of these citations can be classified as careless or reckless driving which is the most common traffic offense in the state of Alabama.

If you are involved in an auto accident with a negligent driver, our Mobile car accident attorneys stress the importance of staying calm, calling the police, taking pictures, pulling over to a safe place, activating emergency flashers, and exchanging information. It is critical to avoid as much commotion as possible in these types of cases. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, Citrin Law Firm is prepared to help you receive the maximum compensation for your losses.

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