Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment Celebrates 7 Successful Years in Legal Support


(LegalLaw247.com, February 07, 2013 ) Melbourne, VIC – Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment has recently celebrated 7 years as one of Australia’s leading legal support recruitment agencies. In a market that has fluctuated during this time and seen many comparable agencies close their doors, Kaleidoscope has not only held itself strongly in the market but has also experienced periods of prosperity and even expanded its team. As a specialist legal recruitment agency in Australia the company provides job opportunities in law firms and multinational corporations, and staffing solutions for administrative, support, IT and finance departments. Founded by lawyers, the company has already made a mark for its tie-ups with leading law firms and for its exceptional support to job seekers.

Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment stated that what sets them apart is that they are willing to help legal job seekers on a more personal level and offer them techniques and advice on how to obtain a position in a leading law firm. They quoted “We try our best to really understand both our candidates and client’s needs when it comes to finding the right fit for them - not only in terms of experience, but whether it is the right cultural fit for everyone involved. At Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment we truly believe in the face to face approach and always like to meet with candidates and clients to get to know them and work out the best option for their needs.”

Despite specialising in legal support recruitment, the agency has diverse job opportunities across other functions. These include finance, administration, IT, library services, human resources, law clerks and paralegals. Furthermore, job seekers outside Australia can also seek assistance on moving to Australia and landing a legal job.

The agency has a strategic process when providing staffing solutions to law firms. Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment stated that they try to understand the requirements of a law firm before beginning their process. If a firm requires any specific screening process then they are happy to abide and work according to the procedures.

Current job opportunities and their details can be viewed on the company’s website. The company also has special events whose dates are made available on the home page.

About Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment
Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment is one of the leading agencies in providing administrative, support staff, IT and finance staff for law firms and corporate clients. Through their online platform, http://klrecruitment.com.au/, the agency offers various job opportunities for employees and staffing solutions for employers. The agency is known for its strategic employment procedures and for its tie-ups with leading law firms and multinational corporations.


For more information about recruitment in the legal industry, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of klrecruitment.com.au, please call at (03) 8676 0332 or email to fiona@klrecruitment.com.au.

Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment
Fiona Ruggieri
(03) 8676 0332

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