New Jersey Employment Rights Attorney Appears On CBS News to Discuss Workplace Bullying

(, February 07, 2013 ) Mount Laurel, NJ - Kevin M. Costello, a partner at Costello & Mains, P.C., employment rights attorneys, appeared in a February 5, 2013 CBS Philly "11 O'Clock News" story about workplace bullying. Kevin's appearance in the interview was in support of bill A-333, the New Jersey "Healthy Workplace Act," which would provide relief to workers who are abused and bullied in the workplace.

"I'm always pleased to spread some education about this important issue," Kevin says. "The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) study on this subject suggests that as many as 25 percent - 1 in 4 - workers are abused in the workplace. This isn't just treatment which is ‘not nice,’ it's abuse which causes depression, panic, sickness, loss of employment and worker's compensation claims. It causes a drain on the economy for everyone, and there's no excuse for it."

Kevin adds that while the proposed legislation needs some work to make it effective and balanced, it's a great start to addressing a pervasive problem which, from his perspective, is only getting worse.

"Since I've been practicing in this field," Kevin says. "The number of people who contact us about this sort of illness-causing abuse in the workplace has climbed. Bad economies and workplace production pressures are no reason to jettison minimal respect for workers. We strongly support the Healthy Workplace Act and applaud Senator Greenstein for proposing to deal with this problem.”

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