Phillips Law Group Discusses Semi-Truck Accident on I-10 in Phoenix

(, February 28, 2013 ) PHOENIX AZ - As Phoenix, Arizona is known for its heavy truck traffic, there are also many trucking accidents that accompany this traffic. Recently, there was an accident involving several automobiles and an 18-wheeler with two flat-bed trailers full of mulch. This toppled semi-truck was blocking several lanes on eastbound interstate 10 leaving cars to funnel through one lane of traffic for most of the day.

The truck driver reported seeing a car leaving an accident then struck the side of one of the flat-bed trailers, this caused the truck to topple onto its side. The accident backed up traffic as far as five miles as workers from Southwest Farm Services, who owned the mulch, franticly cleaned up while the remains of the semi-truck and cars were also removed from the interstate.

Following the accident it was reported that three people were injured, including a seven month pregnant woman. There are no reports on the condition of these individuals at this time.

Semi-truck accidents account for 130,000 automobile accident injuries each year, while 98 percent of all semi-truck accidents typically result in at least one fatality. This is usually a result of the extreme size differential between an 80,000 pound truck versus the average passenger vehicle weighing 3,000 pounds.

Individuals who have been injured during a semi-truck accident as a result of the negligent actions of another individual may be eligible to receive compensation for their losses. An experience Phoenix auto accident attorney will advise these individuals on the proper course of legal action to receive the maximum compensation for damages.

Phillips Law Firm provides no-obligation free case reviews for semi-truck accident victims and their families. To receive your free case review from one of our experienced truck accident attorneys, we welcome you to visit us at

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