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(, February 23, 2013 ) PHOENIX, AZ – There are about 125 million employees in the United States today, in addition to about 10 million employers. These employers are expected to treat their employees fairly in every capacity. Unfortunately, far too many employers in Arizona today are taking advantage of their staff and forcing them to work longer hours without overtime pay. These are direct violations of the employment law outlined by the government.

Employment contracts, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, overtime pay, and employment discrimination are some of the most common infringements of employment law. In addition, fair wages, employee benefits, workplace safety and standards, and many more workplace actions and regulations are monitored and applied based upon the Department of Labor (DOL) oversight.

When an employment law has been breached by either the employee or employer, legal action may be required to help those who have suffered losses or are seeking the overtime wages that they deserve. Phillips Law Group has many years of employment law experience; the employee rights staff is prepared to cover any type of employment issues or any other Arizona state labor law issues.

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The Phillips Law Group is committed to helping all those who have been injured by the actions of another in the state of Arizona. The personal injury attorneys at the Phillips Law Group have a wealth of knowledge and experience in auto injury claims, premises liability, dangerous drug litigation, medical malpractice and product liability claims.

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