Accident Lawyers in Atlanta Release List of 5 Things People Should do When they Get into an Accident


(, August 28, 2013 )
Atlanta, GA -- As anybody who has ever been in a car accident knows quite well, it can be a very traumatic and harrowing experience. Even in cases where drivers and passengers are not injured, many people are so stressed out from the accident that they are often not sure what to do.

In an effort to help drivers as much as possible, the accident lawyers in Atlanta from the Law Office of Neil Flit have just released a list of the top 5 things people should do when they have been in a car accident.

According to the personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, the first thing drivers should do is to remain at the scene. This is especially important if the driver has been injured. If possible, the person should exchange information with the other driver or drivers who were involved in the accident.

Next, drivers who have been in an automobile accident should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Many times, victims of traffic accidents will suffer from a neck or back injury that may not be immediately apparent, but can lead to a great deal of pain in the future. As the car accident attorneys in Atlanta noted, seeing the doctor can be a preventative measure to help avoid further injury.

Third, people who have been involved in a car accident should take photos of the scene and if possible, take some notes as well. Many drivers can take photos of the area and damaged vehicles with their phones.

Next, the driver should carefully document any medical expenses, lost wages and property damage that have resulted from the accident. Start a file and fill it with the insurance claims adjuster’s reports, estimates from the auto body shop, and doctor reports and medical bills.

Finally, drivers should seek out an attorney who is experienced with handling auto accident claims.

“Insurance companies are unfortunately notorious for delaying payment, offering low settlement amounts and even unfairly denying valid insurance claims,” an article on the Law Office of Neil Flit’s website noted, adding that people who want to make sure that they have the opportunity to recover a fair settlement for their claim should have a lawyer to handle the matter for them.

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