Avanti to Be Featured on 21st Century Business Television series August 4, 2013


(LegalLaw247.com, August 02, 2013 ) Boca Raton, FL -- --- Avanti International is the most experienced supplier and the only full-service provider of high-quality chemical and cement grouts in the United States. Avanti Grout improves facilities and operations in mines, dams, sewers, subways, tunnels, tanks, storm drains, basements, parking garages and underground structures. In addition, Avanti Grout has been used in numerous applications including the World Trade Center clean-up after 9/11. From climates as arid as Egypt to the humid locales of Central and South America, Avanti products are used world-wide to stop water infiltration, stabilize soils, encapsulate hazardous waste and control groundwater. Avanti provides innovative solutions for the Geotechnical, Industrial and Water/Waste Water industries.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming at Multi Media Productions, added, “As an innovator and a leader in their industry, Avanti is a natural fit for our show. We are excited to have them as a guest on our program.”

For more information go to www.avantigrout.com

About Avanti International
Since 1978, Avanti's product line has grown from acrylamide gel and urethane foam to a comprehensive line of acrylamide, acrylic, acrylate, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, foam, gel and cementitious grouts. Thus, Avanti is the only full service producer and most experienced supplier of chemical and cement grouts.
Among others, Avanti’s renowned product line includes: AV-202 Multigrout, Ultrafine Cementitious Grout, AV-118 Duriflex, and AV-100 Chemical Grout which has been successfully used for years in probe-grouting, tube-a-manchette grouting, curtain-grouting, preventing structural movement due to groundwater, as well as sealing entire sewer systems and underground transit systems.
With 24/7 tech support, world renowned animations and the largest collection of educational resources, Avanti continues to lead the industry. Teaming with innovative technology partners, Avanti invests considerable resources to make grouting the first and most reliable operation & maintenance practice for public and private property owners who need to stop leaks, stabilize soil and control groundwater – permanently.

About 21st Century Business
21st Century Business is an award winning targeted business show that is independently produced by Multi-Media Productions. The show provides its business viewers an in depth opportunity to find solutions to the industry problems from some of the top business leaders from across the world. Each exclusive segment is taped in our state of the art South Florida Studio.
Once selected, companies are able to present their story and solutions to industry problems in an exclusive way that sets their company apart from the others. With more than 6,000 companies participating on over 600 shows, 21st Century Business continues to be the premier and targeted outlet for the latest business stories.
21st Century Business airs on various national cable networks that are viewed by over 100 million viewers nationwide as well as internationally via DirecTV and Dish Network. The show can also be viewed through video on demand via http://www.21cbtv.com. The 21CBTV Series is also available at more than 27 prestigious college universities, including Carnegie Mellon University, Howard University, Dartmouth College and Georgetown University.

For specific market-by-market air dates and times, please e-mail Moniqueh@mmpusa.com. For more information, please visit http://www.21cbtv.com.

Multi-Media Productions USA
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