Bailey & Oliver Law Firm Report Bryant Parents Want Closer Bus Stop for Students

(, August 24, 2013 ) ROGERS, AR – In recent years, school bus driver negligence has become a cause of growing concern for parents and students who rely on them for transportation to and from school each day.

Wednesday, August 22 Fox 16 News investigated a bus stop that parents and children complain is too far of a walk from their homes. Children as young as 8-year-old Kayla Lewis are traveling a mile in the August heat after a full day of school, and parents are worried about the health and safety of their children.

“The first day was like a desert,” Lewis said, her older sister explaining that it would become so hot that she would cry and take breaks for several minutes on the side of the road to try to beat the exhaustion.

Carlos Lewis, Kayla’s father, told the station he made his concern known to the school board, but no changes have yet been made to the route. In light of recent national episodes of bus drivers dropping riders off at the wrong stop or even in distant cities, the concern becomes even more pressing.

Young children can be the most vulnerable victims of negligence, and when a school bus driver does not fulfill their responsibilities to offer a reasonable amount of care to their passengers they may be liable for any harm or injury that comes to them.

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