Bayer Settles on 6,700 Lawsuits Regarding Yaz/Yasmin

(, August 24, 2013 ) Englewood, CO -- The Bayer Pharmaceuticals has recently announced that it has made a settlement for over 6,700 lawsuits related to the the Yaz and Yasmin birth control products it provides. In the $1.4 billion settlement, Bayer would not accept responsibility for the product causing deep vein thrombosis pulmonary embolisms, nor would it take blame for any other blood clot injuries.

While Bayer did not reach a Yaz or Yasmin settlement figure on 5,400 cases still remaining, of which 2,700 are allegedly similar injuries to what has been alleged against the company's product.

Bayer stated that the Yaz lawsuit settlement has been reached in nearly 8,800 separate cases in which plaintiffs have levied that Yaz and Yasmin produced apparent gall bladder injuries. The use of birth control pills has also been linked to disease affecting the gallbladder, and which result in the removal of the organ. In the settlement, Bayer reportedly agreed to settle payments that tallied $24 million.

The terms of the settlement include a $2,000 per-patient payment for the suffering of gallbladder injury as well as a $3,000 payment for those who had gall bladder removal.

The blood-clot related injuries came from a 2006 suit levied against the company for the Yaz and Yasmin birth control medication. Both products elevated potassium levels which produce heart arrhythmia, hyperkalemia, and in some cases would cause blood clots, embolism, and death. A study from 2011 report showed that Yaz and Yasmin users doubled the risk of clots as compared to other birth control drugs in the same category.

Many plaintiffs stated that Bayer used deceptive marketing practices that exaggerated the potential benefits, while the company simultaneously ignored the need to express the serious side effects that could results from product use. A portion f the Yaz lawsuits alleged that Bayer was also negligent in not studying the potentially serious and fatal Yaz or Yasmin use.

While Bayer modified its general advertising for the products, the changes were considered by affected parties to be questionable and still misleading.


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