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(, August 23, 2013 ) Windsor, Ontario – Two people were sent to the hospital in Howard Township after a driver lost control of the vehicle and struck a hydro pole on Wednesday morning around 10:30AM.

Police reports indicate that three occupants were traveling in the van when the driver lost control of the vehicle. Two of the passengers were taken to the hospital and suffered minor injuries. Damages to the vehicle are estimated to cost nearly $5,000.00, while the driver has been charged with careless driving.

Statistics demonstrate that an average of 1,100 drivers across Ontario is convicted with careless or dangerous driving each year. As a result, thousands of dollars have been spent on damages, medical expenses, and funeral expenses.

Our car accident lawyers advise all drivers to practice safe and defensive driving habits to keep our roadways safe and enjoyable. Some defensive driving habits we can all practice include:

• Avoiding distractions
• Always signal intentions
• Avoid blind spots
• Stay focused at all times
• Anticipate potential dangers
• Buckle up

To learn more about defensive driving habits, or about Greg Monforton and Partners, we welcome you to contact us at 1-800-663-1145 or visit us at today.

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