Expert advice leads to 600% more success for disability insurance claims, advises

Finding a Disability Insurance Lawyer

(, August 14, 2013 ) New York, NY -- Disability insurance payments can be critical in helping address basic needs and daily living expenses while employees are unable to work. However, the experts at say many people aren't receiving the disability they are due because they simply do not have a qualified disability attorney.

“The aim of disability insurance is to replace or supplement income while employees are out of the workplace due to a covered disabling injury or illness. But studies show that individuals represented by a qualified disability attorney have up to six times more chance of success than those who themselves or hire a disability lawyer who simply does not have the right experience or qualifications,” said the spokesperson at

And it’s not difficult to access this expertise. By visiting the website or LinkedIn page, employees from a whole range of professions can access the most experienced legal team for their disability needs. The process is simple: to determine whether or not they have a case or a well-founded claim, the client completes a quick online form for an initial evaluation. An insurance claim attorney will then respond promptly to the inquiry.

Quadrino Schwartz is the premier disability insurance law firm in the United States. Since 1996 its team of highly experienced lawyers have been helping people get their disability claims approved, stop their disability claim from being terminated, resolve disputes, negotiate a lump sum claim settlement, as well as many more disability insurance issues.

“Getting the right disability insurance is everyone’s right. Over the years, we have brought together the nation’s most dedicated team of lawyers to ensure people have access to the disibility insurance they are entitled to,” the spokesperson said.

Collaboration is at the core of Quadrino Schwartz’s success. In addition to a growing team of seasoned attorneys, the firm comprises senior paralegals with years of training and experience in handling disability claims.

“Every single one of our clients is assured that they are hiring a "team" of professionals who work together toward a favorable result. That’s how we win our cases time and time again,” he said.

About Quadrino Schwartz:
Quadrino Schwartz is the premier disability insurance law firm in the United States. As a disability insurance law firm, Quadrino Schwartz represents individuals suffering from all types of disabling conditions. Working together, the lawyers of Quadrino Schwartz have become known for their numerous successes in obtaining settlements, winning cases, or obtaining court decisions that impact the development of long-term disability insurance law.

Quadrino Schwartz
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