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(, August 06, 2013 ) Houston, TX – As high school, college, and professional football are nearing the beginning of their seasons, our Houston personal injury attorneys would like to provide a few suggestions on how to avoid becoming injured and increase awareness for football related injuries.

American football has two times the amount of injuries than any other sport with 500,000 injuries occurring each year. These injuries are leaving many to believe that professional football will no longer exist in another 30 years or so. Of course, there are a few safety tips which can be followed to help assist in the prevention of football related injuries.

•Establish strength training and stretching routine
•Establish warm-up and cool-down routine
•Instruct team on becoming properly hydrated
•Perform health and wellness evaluations
•Practice good technique
•Speak with trainer about any injuries
•Speak with trainer about preventing injuries
•Wear properly fitted equipment

The American Journal of Sports Medicine has indicated that 67 percent of college football players reported shoulder injuries, while 34 percent of these players underwent surgery for these injuries. It is said that injuries are most common in players who are most active on the football field; this is likely the reason for defensive backs having the highest percentage of injuries.

Some positions and their percentage of injuries include:

•Defensive Backs (34.6%)
•Linebacker (9.5%)
•Offensive Back (5.8%)
•Kick Return (4%)
•Defensive Line (3.4%)
•Quarterback (3.1%)
•Defensive End (2.1%)
•Wide Receiver (1.8%)
•Offensive Line (1.8%)
•Punt Return (0.3%)

When making the choice to take part in a contact sport like football, an athlete’s chance of becoming injured is increased substantially. Of course, by taking the necessary precautions and speaking with coaches, trainers, and sports medicine professionals, athletes can do their best to avoid injuries and continue playing football.

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