Fort Hood Shooter Represents Himself

(, August 17, 2013 ) Houston, TX -- Starting next Tuesday, Maj. Malik Hasan will represent himself in a court-martial charging him with murder and attempted murder for the 2009 attack in Fort Hood that left 13 people dead and several others injured.

Over the next few weeks, Hasan is expected to deliver his own opening statement, to question witnesses and possible present his own evidence, which would bring him face to face with some of his own victims and families of the victims who passed away during the massacre.

Hasan has never denied carrying out the attack, and the facts for the case have mostly been settled. However, there are several questions which remain about the trial. The defendant was shot in the back by officers responding to the attack, and his now paralyzed from the waist
down. Also, he must lift himself out of his wheelchair for about one minute every 30 minutes to avoid developing sores, so this kind of care may interrupt the trial.

Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford, who was wounded during the attack, is expected to testify. When asked if he was was scared, he said he was looking forward to seeing Hasan in a way. He says the biggest mistake Hasan says was that he left him alive, and he’s glad he will be seeing him again.

Hasan has continually spoke out that he wanted his view of the story to be heard. He has released several statements to local media outlets. If he is convicted and sentenced to death, it will most likely be decades before he makes it to the death chamber, as military officials are rarely ever executed.


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