Gerber Uppercut Knife and Sheath Sets Recalled for Injury

(, August 18, 2013 ) Dallas, TX -- The Gerber Uppercut Knife and Sheath sets were recalled after consumers and the CPS discovered that the sheaths did not hold the knife properly, leaving the knife to separate from the sheath and pose a laceration risk.

The Uppercut sets that were recalled were sold in a box and have the model number 30-000650 printed on the box, and those sold in blister packaging had 31-001727 printed on the package. The knife sold with the sheath is a T-handled knife with an overall length of 4-inches and a 2-inch double-edged blade that snaps into the molded sheath.

The sheaths are 2.25 inches long and 1.25 inches wife, that taper down to a half an inch at the base. However, the black nylon sheath does not hold the knife secure enough to keep it from falling out.

Consumers should contact Gerber Legendary Blades for instructions on exchanging their sheath for a free replacement.


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