Granuflo, Naturalyte Allegedly Pose Serious Health Risk, Legal Recourse May Be Available

(, August 05, 2013 ) New York, NY - reminds individuals treated with Granuflo and Naturalyte that the dialysis medication has reportedly been linked to an increased risk of cardiac arrest. In light of allegations that the manufacturer failed to properly warn doctors about this risk, legal action may be available to those who have suffered a cardiac arrest during or shortly after dialysis, as well as those acting on their behalf. Lawsuits have already been filed across the country and it is believed the number of filed cases will continue to increase. For more information on Granuflo and the legal options available to those affected, please see

In March 2012, Granuflo, manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care, was subject to a Class I recall. This is the most serious recall possible, and is often used when there is reasonable probability that a drug will cause serious health problems or death. The affected drugs were Naturalyte Liquid Acid concentrate and the Naturalyte GranuFlo powder acid concentrate, both used during hemodialysis to treat acute or chronic kidney failure. One of the main ingredients in these drugs is converted by the body into bicarbonate, an alkaline substance also prescribed separately during dialysis, to help neutralize acid in the patients’ blood. It has been reported, however, that Naturalyte and GranuFlo contain a higher amount of this ingredient than similar medications, which has led to overprescribing by some medical professionals. An overdose of bicarbonate has been linked to irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, low potassium levels, and low oxygen blood pressure. These conditions, if not identified and treated properly, may cause cardiopulmonary arrest and even death.

The FDA is attempting to determine whether Fresenius violated federal laws by failing to alert doctors and patients to the risks associated with the drugs. It has been reported that the company knew about the drugs’ cardiac arrest risk, but failed to alert the FDA in a timely manner. Instead, an internal memo was released, which was subsequently leaked to the agency, according to reports.

In March 2013, federally-filed Granuflo lawsuits were consolidated, allowing a speedier and more effective handling of the cases. More than 180 lawsuits are pending and allege that the drug poses a serious risk of cardiac arrest in some patients. According to the suits, the company failed to properly warn doctors and medical professionals about complications associated with the use of GranuFlo, and this lack of proper medical information was a contributing factor in some patients’ health problems.

The attorneys working with are offering free case reviews to any former GranuFlo or Naturalyte patients who have experienced cardiac arrest during or following their treatment. For more information and to receive this no obligation review, please visit today.

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