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(LegalLaw247.com, August 30, 2013 ) Lincoln, NE – Last year it was 95 degrees on the Huskers season opener, which caused 300 people to seek medical attention including 40 members of the University of Nebraska’s marching band.

While these numbers may seem alarming, temperatures are expected to exceed 95 degrees on this season’s opening game. Officials at the university have begun gearing up for these sizzling temperatures with new communication devices and allowing fans to bring up to twenty ounces of water into the stadium in sealed containers.

It seems that the season opener is always the hottest game of the entire season, therefore officials are advising fans to take some extra precautions to avoid heat related illnesses during this event. Some safety precautions fans should take include:

• Avoiding overly cold fluids
• Drinking plenty of water
• Seeking shelter in shaded areas
• Snacking regularly
• Wear light colored clothing

The American Red Cross warns fans that if they are experiencing any of the following signs, they may be experiencing heat illness and medical attention should be sought out. Some of the signs of heat illness include; feeling dizzy, cold and clammy skin, experiencing excessive thirst, or are disoriented.

Our Lincoln personal injury attorneys understand how heat illness can affect the human body and advise all fans to drink plenty of water in preparation for the Huskers season opener. For further questions about heat related illnesses, we welcome you to contact our law firm at 1-877-487-8711 or visit us at www.justiceyoudeserve.com today. Go Huskers!

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