Joe Dadich, estate planning attorney in Birmingham, MI, Presents Never before-seen Strategies Every Responsible Woman Needs

(, August 22, 2013 ) Birmingham, MI – Joe Dadich, Estate Planning Attorney in Birmingham MI, provides valuable information in his book “Celebrity Estate Plans Gone Bad.” The book is available on at One can also visit his website at or call Joe personally at 248-677-1041.

Protecting one’s assets thereby preventing financial and emotional turmoil after the death of a loved one is what motivates Joe. “Unfortunately many people do not have an estate plan,” Joe said after a recent conference on protecting loved one’s most prized items. “Whether it’s because it’s a morbid issue or people just put it off or don’t have the time, many people find themselves in probate court because they didn’t prepare.”

In Joe’s book one can learn all about his estate planning services. The book will provide information on:

1. How to stop greedy step-kids in their tracks from stealing your assets when a spouse dies.
• Responsible Women Prevent Emotional and Financial Turmoil when a Loved One Dies with his 'Casanova Clause'™.
• Preventing emotional turmoil when a spouse dies.
• Caregiver loses out on inheritance - what one can do to prevent this.
• Siblings come to rescue before Alzheimer's sets in - how one can prevent costly probate fees.
• Why a Will is not enough to keep the State or Unwanted family members from raising the kids when the parents pass on.
• The secret to leaving one’s children a legacy of assets that can't be taken away if the child is sued or gets divorced in the future. This is a cutting edge strategy and most attorneys are not up to speed on and it can save the family heartache and pain!
• Just released 'Access to Medical Records 24/7' system. Don't let a loved one die just because you didn’t have IMMEDIATE access to the most important medical documents.
• Why more than 72% of Families have ZERO Emergency Estate planning.

Visit his website to learn more.

About Joe Dadich:

At Dadich & Associates, PLLC, their estate planning practice specializes in helping families enhance their lives today and secure their futures for tomorrow. In 2008 the Emergency Estate Planning Team was pleased to announce Mr. Dadich was named as Michigan’s ONLY Rising Star for 2008 (as an Attorney/CPA under 40) as named by SuperLawyers™. For more information email Joe or call him at 248-677-1041.


Joe Dadich
2844 Livernois Rd #4292
Troy, MI 48099
Phone: 248-677-1041

Joe Dadich
Joe Dadich

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