North Carolina Boy Dies from Cardiac Arrest After Football Practice Reports Mike Lewis Attorneys




(, August 09, 2013 ) Fayetteville, NC - A Seventy-First High School football player passed away following practice on Saturday. During practice the young man was complaining about chest pains and shortness of breath, finally confronting one of his coaches following practice, saying he wasn’t feeling well.

The actual cause of death has yet to be released other than cardiac arrest, however heat stroke is suspected as one of the causes, as it is in many preseason football fatalities. As one can imagine, the entire community has been saddened by this young man’s death.

The 16-year-old had always dreamt about playing in college and the NFL, and off the field he was heavily involved in church activities, playing the drums, and teaching Bible lessons.

According to the University of North Carolina’s national Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research, there have been 20 high school football player fatalities since 2006 due to heat strokes.

More recently, the NFL and USA Football have unveiled a “Heads Up” program covering each facet of safety in the game, one of the facets being heat illness. Furthermore, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute has found that nearly 70 percent of all high school football players appeared to practice inadequately hydrated to play.

Although our Winston-Salem personal injury attorneys have great sympathy for the community and the death of such a loved citizen, we want to do our part and help inform all athletes to become better prepared for the upcoming season and become familiar with football injury related symptoms in order to prevent these types of injuries and deaths from occurring. If you are interested in learning more about preventing injuries or would like to learn about our firm contact us at 866-299-1769 today.

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