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(, August 08, 2013 ) Phoenix, AZ – As summer 2013 draws closer to an end, we must not forget to share the road with motorcyclists. This means to constantly be on the lookout for these riders in hopes of providing safe and enjoyable roadways for everyone.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were a total of 3,058 motorcycle accidents throughout 2011, which resulted in 2,442 injuries and 140 fatalities.

With over two-thirds of motorcycle vs. passenger vehicle accidents caused by the passenger vehicles, our Phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys have gathered some helpful information to assist these drivers in becoming aware of motorcycles.

1.Look both ways for motorcycles at intersections
2.Look for motorcycles while making left turns
3.Predict motorcyclist reactions to certain hazards
4.Do not follow a motorcycle too closely
5.Check your blind spots
6.Allow space to travel
7.Be cooperative with motorcyclists

By following these simple tips, drivers can help to reduce their chance of being involved in a motorcycle accident and help to reduce the number of accidents which occur each year across our Arizona roadways. If you would like to learn more about motorcycle safety, we welcome you to contact our law firm at 1-800-706-3000 or visit us at today.

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