Phillips Law Group Reports Results of Arizona Trucking Association Operation Roadcheck 2013


(, August 14, 2013 ) PHOENIX, AZ — In an effort to reduce injuries and accidents related to trucking traffic issues, the Arizona Trucking Association and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration partnered with the Arizona Department of Public Safety to conduct safety examinations of Arizona’s active commercial vehicles.

The two-day event took place June 4-6, 2013 and a total of 1,111 trucks were inspected by 89 officials. Captain Deston Coleman of the Arizona Department of Public Safety applauded the men and women who made the 2013 Operation Roadcheck possible, saying, “[They] demonstrated outstanding work ethic and the truck industry significantly increased the impact of the operation by assisting with outreach and communication efforts to drivers on [Arizona] highways.”

The agencies explained that the importance of this project is to provide officials with a snapshot of the trucking industry’s regulatory compliance, hopefully decreasing the number of needless accidents and injuries that commercial vehicles caused each year. Improper maintenance, driver fatigue or inebriation, and hazardous material violations all contribute to the fatalities Arizona highways and roads witness each day.

The Chief Safety Officer of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Jack Van Steenburg emphasized the need for safety events in reducing these senseless incidents, stating that these events, “reinforce [FMCS’s] mission to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities involving commercial motor vehicles…”

Injuries and death can result from even the slightest commercial vehicle malfunction or seemingly insignificant driver error. If you or a loved one was injured in an Arizona truck accident, contact Phillips Law Group for a free review of your case at (800) 706-3000.

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