Speeding Likely Cause of Fort Worth Overpass Fatality, Arguello, Hope & Associates Reports


(LegalLaw247.com, August 13, 2013 ) HOUSTON, TX – The Northeast Interstate 820 Loop claimed another life early Sunday morning when an unnamed man traveling westbound took the curve of the overpass and lost control, his vehicle flying off of the overpass and landing on the street below. Witnesses reported the event and rescue crews attempted to save the driver, however he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police did not release any details regarding the man’s identity at the time of the report, and although they are still seeking details of the incident which could have led to the crash, witnesses reported the driver was taking the curve at an extremely high speed.

The personal injury law firm Arguello, Hope & Associates would like to remind drivers to be vigilant about their rate of speed, and never to exceed a speed that is safe for conditions. Exceeding posted speed limits is not only illegal but it puts drivers at an unnecessary risk of injury or death, as was the case of the Fort Worth man.

Witnesses reported watching the car veer off of the road, into the guardrail and crashing onto the streets below. When police arrived the driver was trapped in the wreckage of the vehicle, on the opposite side of the median at the intersection of Main Street and Blue Mound Road.

The loop of I-820 has seen a number of fatalities within the past several years, so drivers in the Fort Worth area should be cautious of their driving habits on this stretch of highway in particular.

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