Tapella & Eberspacher Report Possible Speed Limit Increase on Illinois Highways


(LegalLaw247.com, August 21, 2013 ) CHARLESTON, I.L. — Illinois speed limits on rural interstate roadways may be increased beginning January 2014 if Governor Quinn passes new legislation to combat traffic backups.

The proposed increase would raise the limits from 65 mph to 70 mph, though the Illinois State Police and Quinn’s own transportation chief oppose the increase saying that the current speed limits should be more strictly enforced.

The proposition is in no way unique to Illinois. Since federal speed limits were allowed to increase to 70 mph 20 years ago, 30 states have adopted higher limits.

The concern is that an increase in the legal limit will bring an increase in the rates at which drivers exceed it. Speeding is one of the leading causes of auto accidents in Illinois and across the country and interstates in rural areas can present more driving hazards in poor weather conditions or at night.

Ultimately, a decision will be made soon as Governor Quinn reportedly told a reporter Sunday that his mind would be made up Monday, the next day.

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