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(, August 01, 2013 ) Thistley Green, UK -- A compensation claim can come in various forms. In unforeseen events that are often caused by a negligence of somebody else's duties, the person affected is often stuck without any representation.

That's where UK Claims Services comes in. Acting as the missing link between claimants and solicitors, the company strives to find the right solicitor for each individual case. The company has a panel of pre-selected solicitors, making it possible for them to select the most suitable one for any given case. "We provide free advice and information to people wanting to make a claim for compensation" said Alex Hale, spokesperson for the company.

A compensation claim can come in various forms including personal injury, workplace injury, and medical negligence.

Common personal injury claims involve that of a not-at-fault driver in a car accident. Such cases can be difficult without the right legal representation. "We meet many people who have been hit from the rear, resulting in whiplash related injuries," Mr. Hale added.

Workplace injury claims often arise as a result of the employers not taking due care to keep employees safe from workplace accidents.

The reason most people choose not to pursue their legal rights is the fear that a case would hurt them financially. However, many of the solicitors recommended by UK Claims Services do not accept payment unless a positive outcome is achieved for their client. "A high percentage of our solicitors will work on a no win no fee basis" said Mr. Hale.

Another means of a low cost legal process involves the use of the Small Claims Court. This alternative method of settlement involves the use of a mediator to come to a mutual and fair agreement between both parties.

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About UK Claims Services:
The company is an intermediary between claimants and solicitors, matching the right solicitor to the case. For more information, please visit

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