City Council Pushes to Demolish the I-81 Viaduct

(, February 03, 2015 ) Syracuse, NY -- About two weeks ago, Councilor Jean Kessner presented the Syracuse city council’s stand on taking down the viaduct on I-81. The issue was later voted on by the council, and the results were a unanimous, Seven-to-Zero, agreement to move forward with the idea. "It's not easy for all of us to agree, but this one was really easy,'' said Kessler. There have been many thoughts on how to handle the aging viaduct, but the main proposal coming from the council was to tear it down completely and replace it with a ground-level boulevard. The next step is to learn about alternative options from state officials, which most likely include a possible underground tunnel or a plan to just rebuild the existing highway. Any other alternative plans are expected to officially be announced in the very near future. There are many people within the city that are opposed to the change. They argue that adjusting normal routes may kill local businesses along that road, and are also concerned that traffic will be negatively impacted. In addition, bringing more traffic to ground level may increase pedestrian accidents. Whichever way the vote ends up, something has to be done about the aging viaduct. One way or another, there will be some form of construction in this area, which means that drivers in the area need to take extra caution. Anytime a road is under construction, especially a major highway, one can expect to see traffic increase. There will also be the possibility of dangerous conditions for the surrounding roads due to any sudden decision a driver might make when they find that they are facing road construction. Debris also poses a hazard. In situations like this, a catastrophe can easily occur when someone takes their eyes off the road for even the briefest moment. The law firm of Alexander & Catalano offers statewide assistance to any and all victims that have been seriously harmed in an auto accident. A Syracuse car accident lawyer from their office may be reached at (315) 313-5141. Contact: Alexander & Catalano: Attorneys at Law (315) 313-5141 or 1-888-789-4262 Alexander and Catalano -- 1-888-789-4262 -- Source: EmailWire.Com
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