Democratic Candidates Clinton, Sanders, and O’Malley say Addiction is a Disease

(, December 28, 2015 ) Florida, Miami -- During the past democratic debate Bernie Sanders declared, "Addiction is a disease, not a criminal activity," according to the Miami Herald. Hillary CLinton, throughout her campaign, has visited states across the country to get a grasp on the opiate epidemic ravaging the nation. Both have asserted the government must step in to assist those suffering from the disease of addiction. Clinton proposed a $10 billion plan to help alleviate substance use disorders nation wide. Drug Florida Rehab is a drug and alcohol treatment center successfully rehabilitating those with chronic substance use disorders. The treatment center asserts federal assistance in spreading awareness and prevention campaigns across the nation, in addition to making medications like Narcan and Vivitrol widely available for every socioeconomic class.

An associate from the treatment facility comments, "Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have said what needs to be said to America, in way of introducing addiction as a legitimate disease. We must act upon this public revelation and provide our nation, who has experienced a rising overdose fatality rate in the last six years consistently, with the resources to stop preventable overdose deaths. We have the means, but lack the resources to get proper measures in the hands of those who are most vulnerable to the disease of addiction.

"Outside from those who are actively struggling with the disease, our youth must be exposed to the harsh realities of substance use disorders early on as a means to prevent further tragedies. This is especially necessary for those who are predispositioned to succumb to substance use disorders. In educating our youth and community we will see a redress in overdose death rates and addiction rates."

Drug Florida Rehab is dedicated to helping those suffering from substance use disorders and specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy to uproot the underlying causes of addiction: depression, trauma, anxiety, and mental health disorders. Residents are offered therapy as early as detoxification to prepare them for long term rehabilitation.

After completion of detoxification, lasting between seven and ten days, clients are weaned off of any opiate based medications, and begin extensive cognitive behavioral based therapy. Drug Florida Rehab specializes in Drug Rehab in Florida and Heroin Rehab in Florida.

For more information on Drug Florida Rehab visit or call 786-574-3161.

About Drug Florida Rehab:
Drug Florida Rehab provides both detoxification and rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol. The facility accepts most major insurances, and accepts clients from all over the US.

Drug Florida Rehab
Drug Florida Rehab Drug Florida Rehab

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