Drug Rehab Philadelphia Comments on Recent Arrest of Raheem Cuffee

(LegalLaw247.com, December 28, 2015 ) Philadelphia, PA -- Raheem Cuffe has pleaded guilty for helping orchestrate a heroin ring in close proximity to a
school. Cuffe is a Philadelphia native. Cuffe pleaded guilty, and was indicted in November of 2014 for drug trafficking along with 21 others. Drug Rehab Philadelphia is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation dedicated to helping those with substance use disorders overcome their psychological and physical disease. The facility asserts those with mounting drug charges should undergo rehabilitation for re-acclimation into society while serving their sentence.

An associate from the facility comments, "It is not enough to lock up drug offenders who are addicted- just as it will not be enough to introduce Cuffe to a new way of life by merely leaving him behind bars. Rehabilitation is not limited to the population of people with substance use disorders. We need to focus on rehabilitating those who distribute addictive drugs, just as much as we do their victims.

"Taking the dangerous element off the street is critical to the recovery for all. And those who are arrested on these charges have every potential, and every ability to begin their lives over again- just as someone who has suffered from long term addiction."

Drug Rehab Philadelphia specializes in alcohol rehab in Philadelphia, and creates individualized treatment plans for each client stricken with addiction. The treatment facility focuses on uncovering the catalysts of addiction and redresses the disorder through cognitive behavioral based therapies. Providing addiction treatment in Philadelphia, the facility accepts clients from the entire state of Pennsylvania

For more information about Drug Rehab Philadelphia visit http://drugrehabphiladelphia.net/ or call 267-351-8139.

About Drug Rehab Philadelphia:
Drug Rehab Philadelphia offers both drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation. The facility accepts most major insurance coverage plans. Treatment revolves around cognitive behavioral therapy.

Drug Rehab Philadelphia
Drug Rehab Philadelphia Drug Rehab Philadelphia

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