Flakka Users Prove Challenging for West Palm Police, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab Comments

(LegalLaw247.com, December 23, 2015 ) West Palm Beach, FL -- MyPalmBeachPost reports that flakka use is continuing to pose a considerable problem for law enforcement authorities across south Florida, with people under the influence of the drug displaying alarming behaviors. Police, health care providers, and other public servants have reported difficulties in restraining people under the influence of flakka due to resisting arrest with violence and other outrageous behavior caused by hallucinations and delusions. Flakka use poses an extreme threat to life as it causes elevated heart rate, increased body temperature, and engagement in dangerous activities due to delusions.

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab, which provides addiction treatment in West Palm Beach, works tirelessly at the epicenter of the flakka epidemic sweeping the nation. Prior experience handling heroin rehab in West Palm Beach as well as other powerful drugs and alcohol has given the facility a distinctive edge in helping to alleviate the overwhelming expansion of flakka abuse throughout the United States.

A representative of West Palm Beach Drug Rehab comments,

"With a nickname like '$5 Insanity' it is clear that Flakka is an incredibly dangerous drug. It is also highly addictive, and it's cheap selling point makes it popular among underprivileged youth and in impoverished communities. We urge everyone to understand that the risks involved with using drugs, regardless of if it is the first of thousandth time. Flakka can lead to lethal consequences without you ever being conscious of your actions."

About West Palm Beach Drug Rehab,:
West Palm Beach Drug Rehab is nestled in beautiful South Florida and provides detox and rehabilitation services to the entire United States. Focusing on the individual and providing intensive cognitive behavioral therapy as well as whole body holistic healing options, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab is committed to providing profound, lasting relief of substance abuse disorders. The entire staff of West Palm Beach Drug Rehab is dedicated to the full recovery of each and every client.

For more information about West Palm Beach Drug Rehab visit http://westpalmbeachdrugrehab.org/ or call (561)513-5749.

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab,
West Palm Beach Drug Rehab West Palm Beach Drug Rehab

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