MASS INCARCERATION in America 2016 Presidential Candidate Press Release

(, December 11, 2015 ) Princeville, HI -- There is an epidemic of gross injustice in America today, and it is the MASS INCARCERATION of a disproportionate share of Black and Brown Bodied Individuals. Prisons for Profit, subjugation of a particular population and racial prejudice are all an expression of the same attitudes that fostered Slavery and have no place in our great multi-cultural Nation. We have 5% of the World’s population and 20% of its prisoners !!!

The perpetuation of a culture of Mass Incarceration defines us as a society and should be at the forefront of National Political Debate this Presidential Election Cycle. The Presidential Candidate that embraces this issue will have the support of enlightened and disenfranchised voters.

We encourage all of you to pursue and bring attention to this critical current issue. The judicial system and law enforcement institutions in America are flawed and unfair. Equal justice for all is an inalienable right for all citizens and the fact is that justice is being inequitably applied.

Gun violence, by both criminals and the police, are intertwined in this vicious cycle that causes pain and suffering for each of them as well as the Community. Imagine how much more productive and livable our cities would be without the cloud of inequality.

I am an artist that creates graphic images, sculptures and temporary installations to high light this issue and generate dialogue.

The bottom left image on the Press Release is of Chicago last week in Grant Park during a mass demonstration against police brutality. Recent peaceful community protests have potential to unite communities throughout the nation that have been dormant since the early 70’s”.

The fourth image is of Court Square, Montgomery, Alabama…the site of the largest and cruelest slave auctions in North America. The proposed installation is to surround the fountain with this ‘Mass Incarceration Symbol’.

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Stephen Long

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