Miami Drug Rehab Responds to Reported Ill Effects of Prison Budget Cuts

(, December 21, 2015 ) Miami, FL -- The Miami Herald reports that a recent independent investigation into the Florida prison system determined budget cuts and lack of substantial training pose real dangers to the personnel and prisoners. Florida contains the nation's third largest prison system but poor training, staffing issues, and lack of funding place inexperienced officers in harm's way. Additionally, programs meant to rehabilitate people for release are in desperate need, but inadequate, leading to repeat offenses and extended prison times.

Offering addiction treatment in Miami, Miami Drug Rehab knows the plight of those facing reentry into society without the tools necessary to change their lifestyles. Miami Drug Rehab believes all facilities providing addiction treatment in Miami are important to the well-being of the community, and thus require adequate funding.

A representative of Miami Drug Rehab comments,

"The prison system, while not an ideal place for anyone, should be a place of healing and redemption. When incarcerated people are not being given the opportunities of rehabilitation while in prison, we are perpetuating the problem. As a community, it is our duty to push for rehabilitation for those in need rather than allowing a pattern of habitual criminal activity."

About Miami Drug Rehab:
Miami Drug Rehab is dedicated to the full rehabilitation and renewal of all those suffering with addiction. Clients of Miami Drug Rehab come from across the United States and privy to cutting edge treatment options. Medical and psychology staff members create individualized programs to ensure true, lasting sobriety. Miami Drug Rehab provides rehabilitation above and beyond expectations, all in a beautiful, relaxing South Florida climate.

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Miami Drug Rehab
Miami Drug Rehab Miami Drug Rehab

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