Nearly 3 Percent of Delaware Babies Born in Withdrawal in 2014, Drug Rehab Newark Responds

(, December 23, 2015 ) Newark, NJ -- According to The Republic, nearly 3 percent of infants born in Delaware last year experiences symptoms of withdrawal shortly after birth. 300 babies were discharged after being diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and experienced the pain and irritability associated with opiate withdrawal. While there are new programs in place offering addiction rehabilitation rather than incarceration, mothers living with substance abuse disorders must still deal with the consequences their children face as a result of their addiction.

As a facility offering addiction treatment in Newark, Drug Rehab Newark understand the intricacies of addiction complicated by pregnancy. In recognizing the unfortunate reality that an unborn child is exposed to everything that enters its mother's system, Drug Rehab Newark pushes for greater reform in the treatments available for both pregnant women living with addiction and newborns experiencing NAS.

A representative of Drug Rehab Newark comments,

"At Drug Rehab Newark we understand that addiction recovery goes far beyond simply quitting use of drugs or alcohol. Without the proper coping skills, treatment, and support, mothers living with substance abuse disorders are much more likely to revert back into addictive behaviors, resulting in the child being exposed to illicit substances throughout its lifetime or being removed from the mother's custody. To avoid both outcomes, we urge state authorities to create laws which protect and encourage addicted mothers to seek treatment, as well as create programs for the continued treatment of babies exposed to illicit drugs in the womb."

About Drug Rehab Newark:
Drug Rehab Newark is committed to providing the most thorough and comprehensive treatment for each client, understanding that recovery is a personal journey requiring an individualized approach. By using both traditional and holistic approaches, Drug Rehab Newark works on a personal level to help promote healing on all levels. The rehabilitation facility offers a variety of services including intensive therapy options, medically assisted detox, holistic and spiritual treatments, and services for post-rehab life.

For more information, visit or call 973-947-8129.

Drug Rehab Newark
Drug Rehab Newark Drug Rehab Newark

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