New Jersey Heroin Abusers Could Form Fourth Largest City in State, Drug Rehab Newark Responds

(, December 24, 2015 ) Newark, NJ -- reports that the number of New Jersey residents with heroin abuse disorders is high enough to populate the fourth largest city in the state. With upward of 125,000 people struggling with heroin addiction from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds, the hypothetical town would run smoothly- a reflection of the reality that addiction is unbiased in those it affects. Over 5,000 people in New Jersey have died due to heroin abuse in the past decade, with hundreds of thousands still remaining bound to the deadly substance.

A leading provider of addiction treatment in Newark, Drug Rehab Newark works directly with people struggling with heroin abuse and other disorders. Drug Rehab Newark diligently provides the community with comprehensive, intensive care for those in need.

A representative of Drug Rehab Newark responds,

"While some have difficulty understanding the far-reaching effects of the substance abuse epidemic, it is easy to understand the impact when placed against the state population. That those suffering from heroin abuse disorders could populate the fourth largest city in New Jersey is a staggering fact- one which should alarm residents throughout the state and draw demands for a solution. 128,000 people are afflicted with heroin addiction; one of them could easily be your brother, son, best friend, or neighbor. It's time we stand together and combat this perilous enemy."

About Drug Rehab Newark:
Drug Rehab Newark's services are available for clients across the United States. With intensive cognitive behavioral therapies and holistic treatment options, Drug Rehab Newark goes above and beyond to ensure the whole body care and rehabilitation of each and every client. In addition to the individualized care, clients have access to a gym, spa, and salon as well as weekly festivities.

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Drug Rehab Newark
Drug Rehab Newark Drug Rehab Newark

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