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(, December 01, 2015 ) Orlando, FL -- The justice system in our county has developed and grown since our inception by lawyers making arguments before juries an/or judges that resulted in presidencies for today's attorneys. Smith & Eulo Law Firm having the knowledge of how the courts rules on these presidencies and by properly develop sound arguments to defend their Central Florida clients against criminal charges has produced favorable out-comes before Florida courts.

Smith & Eulo Law Firm is proud of their recent success's as a Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer before the Orange County court for their clients.

Orange County Case #2014-CF-11837
Darryl Smith went to trial with a client facing a minimum mandatory prison sentence if he lost. He was able to prevail on all of the minimum mandatory parts of the case in that the jury found our client not guilty as to aggravated assault with a firearm and throwing a deadly missile. Both were second degree felonies and the aggravated assault carried a 10 year mandatory sentence. After trial the judge told Darryl and the client that darryl did a fantastic job and was impressed by the intellectual arguments presented during trial. High praise from a judge.

Orange County Case #2015-CF-4097
Ken Eulo has been battling a grand theft case for months. Countless depositions, discovery requests, and discussions with the state. Ken was able to craft a well thought out legal motion to dismiss which was granted as the judge found the charges factually insufficient as charged. The case was dismissed and the client was able to save his job and get the theft off his record.

Orange County Case #2014-CCF-8167
Darryl recently won a very difficult stand your ground motion in front of judge shea. Stand your ground motions are very rarely granted. Darryl called multiple witnesses and was able to show the contradictory statements made by state witnesses. The result of this motion being granted was the case being dismissed.

Orange County Case #2013-CF-17164
Ken recently went to jury trial on a punishable by life offense involving burglary of a dwelling with a battery therein. Client was facing lengthy prison time with the state trying for 15 years. The case was dismissed during trial.

Smith & Eulo Law Firm also are a leading Orlando DUI Defense Attorney as well as an Orlando Personal Injury Attorney

About Smith & Eulo Law Firm,:
Smith & Eulo Law Firm in located in Orlando and represent clients throughout Central Florida. The attorneys at the Smith & Eulo Law Firm provide a full-service criminal defense firm. The Firm has lawyers who have worked in all aspects of the criminal justice system, including violations of probation, juvenile cases, high-profile murder cases, sexual battery cases, county court cases, and more.

As a Orlando DUI Defense Attorney they also provide DUI and Traffic offence defense and they where awarded the Top 10 DUI Defense Firm in Orange County.

For clients who have been injured and hospitalized for their injuries the Smith & Eulo Law Firm offer Orlando Personal Injury Attorney recovery, the primary focus is going to be whether you are injured, who injured you, how they injured you, were you responsible for the injury in any significant way, and how injured you are.

Smith & Eulo Law Firm,
Ken Eulo

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