U.S. Life Expectancy 78 Years Old- Caused by Suicide, Overdose, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab Responds

(LegalLaw247.com, December 27, 2015 ) West Palm Beach, FL -- The PalmBeachPost reports that for the third year in a row, the average life expectancy for Americans is nearly 78 years old. While the life expectancy has increased since the end of World War II, the recent plateauing is attributed to a rise of suicide and overdose deaths among Americans. The leading causes of deaths in the U.S.- heart disease and cancer- decreased this year, but the last two decades have shown an increase in overdose deaths, primarily caused by painkillers.

As a facility providing addiction treatment in West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab works relentlessly to lower the rates of overdose deaths across the country. The facility uses personalized methods to relieve the underlying causes of addiction and co-occurring mental illnesses. Because of this, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab finds this year's reports of American mortalities a disturbing trend.

"Facilities such as ours are necessary for the good of all Americans, not just those living with addiction. When we lose lives due to preventable causes, it is to the detriment of all. Families mourn their loved ones too often because of stigmas and shame. Together we can change the way we think about suicide and overdose and the deep-rooted traumas which cause them."

About West Palm Beach Drug Rehab,:
West Palm Beach Drug Rehab provides 24 hour medical monitoring in addition to extensive life coaching services which are designed to help recovering addicts get back on their feet after treatment. The staff of West Palm Beach Drug Rehab is dedicated to the individual success of each client and offer a personalized approach to recovery rather than an often ineffective predetermined course of treatment. With luxury accommodations, spacious outdoor lounging areas, and amenities such as full spa, gym, and salon services, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab is committed to restoring the health and well-being of each of its clients in a comfortable, supportive environment.

For more information about West Palm Beach Drug Rehab visit http://westpalmbeachdrugrehab.org/ or call (561)513-5749.

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab,
West Palm Beach Drug Rehab West Palm Beach Drug Rehab

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