Canada Legalizes Heroin to Combat Addiction, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab Responds

(, September 19, 2016 ) West Palm Beach, FL -- As reported by the Washington Post, Canada recently announced the legalization of prescription heroin in order to help combat the heroin abuse epidemic. Based on evidence which suggests the method has worked in other countries, Canada's new initiative has gained ridicule from both Canadian and American citizens. Unable to see the potential benefits of the decision to legalize prescription heroin, many have rushed to assumptions and negativity.

Facilities providing heroin rehab in West Palm Beach have a different perspective. Specifically, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab is capable of recognizing the strategy for combating substance abuse and urges the American and Canadian public to be open to the potential benefits.

A representative of West Palm Beach Drug Rehab comments:
"It's easy to immediately respond to the idea of legalizing an illicit substance with negativity. The going assumption is that legal means freely available and flooding the streets. That's not what Canada has done at all; by making heroin available through a doctor's prescription, they are helping to monitor and moderate the use of this lethal drug with the goal of ending addiction, not supporting it. The decision to legalize prescription heroin helps to bridge the gap between treatment and those in need. Given the rampant nature of our own heroin abuse epidemic, America should take a closer, serious look at the evidence that supports the success of such a policy."

About West Palm Beach Drug Rehab 65219:
West Palm Beach Drug Rehab serves citizens from all 50 states in efforts to combat the substance abuse epidemic. Accepting over 80 insurances and offering alternative payment options, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab works to keep the focus on healing, not cost. Clients of the facility are provided personalized treatment programs which utilize both traditional and holistic means to promote rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. Upon completion of rehabilitation, clients also have access to resources for continued care provided by West Palm Beach Drug Rehab.

For more information about West Palm Beach Drug Rehab visit or call (561)513-5749.

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab 65219
West Palm Beach Drug Rehab West Palm Beach Drug Rehab

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