Disturbing Image of Heroin Overdose Goes Viral, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab Comments

(LegalLaw247.com, September 18, 2016 ) West Palm Beach, FL -- As reported by The Guardian, the viral image depicting a 47 year old woman and 50 year old man suffering a heroin overdose while her 4 year old grandson looks on from the back seat has gain a lot of attention and criticism. The unidentified couple overdosed while driving behind a school bus, nearly striking it before swerving onto the sidewalk. An officer who witnessed the crash said he was shocked to find the child occupying the car; the woman was unconscious and not breathing while the man was barely coherent. Both were administered Narcan and survived the incident. The young boy in question has been taken into custody by child services while the couple face charges of child neglect and endangerment among others.

Unfortunately facilities offering heroin rehab in West Palm Beach are familiar with how substance abuse can ruin families and put innocent lives in danger. One such center, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab, asks people to not be so quick to judgement and ridicule and instead view this image as the warning it is.

A representative of West Palm Beach Drug Rehab comments:
"Near tragedies such as this one are happening at increasing rates due to the severe heroin abuse epidemic we are facing as a country. We can no longer afford to ignore the issue, and the harsh criticism voiced by those who have seen and shared this image is only serving to make the problem worse. Stigmas and social fallout associated with substance abuse prevent thousands from seeking the treatment they need each day; some live in denial of their problem due to misinformation perpetuated by a society that would rather mock and punish than heal. We need to be mindful of how we are all impacting the substance abuse crisis with our words and attitudes. While certainly the adults in question should be held accountable for their actions, imprisonment is not the answer. We need to enforce policies which provide treatment for people who commit crimes driven by addiction, form better avenues of information and community resources, and make treatment more available to those in need."

About West Palm Beach Drug Rehab 73210:
West Palm Beach Drug Rehab serves citizens from all 50 states in efforts to combat the substance abuse epidemic. Accepting over 80 insurances and offering alternative payment options, West Palm Beach Drug Rehab works to keep the focus on healing, not cost. Clients of the facility are provided personalized treatment programs which utilize both traditional and holistic means to promote rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. Upon completion of rehabilitation, clients also have access to resources for continued care provided by West Palm Beach Drug Rehab.

For more information about West Palm Beach Drug Rehab visit http://westpalmbeachdrugrehab.org/ or call (561)513-5749.

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab 73210
West Palm Beach Drug Rehab West Palm Beach Drug Rehab
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