Elephant Tranquilzer Tied to 60 Heroin Overdoses, Cincinnati Drug Rehab Comments

(LegalLaw247.com, September 04, 2016 ) Cincinnati, OH -- As reported by the Washington Post, two counties along the border between Ohio and Indiana recently experienced 60 reported heroin overdoses in the span of just two days. 50 of those overdoses occurred in Hamilton County, Ohio. The sudden flux in heroin overdoses was anticipated by medical and law enforcement authorities upon discovering that heroin cut with Carfentanil in the area.

Carfentanil is a tranquilizer used on large mammals such as elephants. It is 100 times more potent than Fentanyl, which in itself was already causing a massive increase in heroin overdoses. Carfentanil is so powerful it can negate the effects of overdose reversal drugs like Narcan.

As a heroin rehab in Cincinnati- at the heart of this public health crisis- Cincinnati Drug Rehab is deeply concerned about the consequences of laced heroin in our communities. Cincinnati Drug Rehab recognizes the urgent need for legislative action to prevent further crises and protect our communities.

A representative of Cincinnati Drug Rehab comments:
"The state of public health and safety is continuously threatened by crafty drug suppliers looking for cheaper ways to create more powerful, more addictive, and more lethal substances. Without considering the consequences these illicit drugs are being filtered into our communities, causing massive damage and claiming the lives of the vulnerable. While some measures were taken to attempt to mitigate the damages, the greater encompassing issue is still largely unaddressed and remains a threat to thousands of vulnerable people. It's time we demand real and effective action from our local, state, and national governments."

About Cincinnati Drug Rehab 73928:
Cincinnati Drug Rehab is committed to serving the communities of Ohio and citizens from across the U.S. By providing comprehensive, personalized care utilizing the most advanced methods of treatment, Cincinnati Drug Rehab works tirelessly to build a foundation for continued healing and rejuvenation. Clients of Cincinnati Drug Rehab receive individualized programs which marry traditional and holistic treatments to best suit their personal needs. Support from Cincinnati Drug Rehab goes well beyond the completion of rehabilitation with resources for aftercare and crisis support available to all alumni.

For more information, visit http://cincinnatidrugrehab.org/ or call (513) 679-5055.

Cincinnati Drug Rehab 73928
Cincinnati Drug Rehab Cincinnati Drug Rehab
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