Leading Pacific Northwest Restructuring Firm Announces the Publication of its New Book

(LegalLaw247.com, June 14, 2017 ) Seattle, WA -- Formed in 2002, Revitalization Partners, a business advisory and management firm, has had the opportunity to work with and help a number of small and mid-sized companies with an array of complex business issues.

Over the years, we began writing a blog which appeared on our website every two weeks outlining some of our experiences with the various companies we have worked with as well as our views on others who have encountered business problems. We recently published a book, available at: revitalizationpartners.com/we-could-write-a-book, or on Amazon, featuring our blogs as a way of giving back to the business community as a whole.

We have learned, that going to a website and trying to find the article that can help is not the first thing that someone thinks of when in the middle of a business crisis. Therefore, we have written a reference book for business owners and managers: Insights to Grow, Build or Save Your Business. The book is broken down into sections address the major problems that many companies face.

Sections such as "Business issues Created by Management"; "Banking, Loans and Capital Acquisition"; "Restructuring and Bankruptcy"; "Company Culture" and others, are designed to concentrate on the problems we have seen and addressed as well as offering some specific solutions to common business problems.

In our practice, we have encountered a wide variety of business problems, many of them self-inflicted situations caused by the lack of specific experience relating to the problems being faced by the owners and managers of these companies. Many of these problems were completely avoidable with a little help or advice.

Hopefully, our readers will begin the process of proactively identifying the problems in their businesses that many others have had and will see what solutions have worked for others.

All of the members of Revitalization Partners have served as executives and board members of companies ranging from pre-revenue to multi-billion dollar enterprises.

About Revitalization Partners 12843:
Revitalization Partners is an international specialty management services firm that provides hands-on interim executive management and advisory services to client companies.

We specialize in under-performing, turnaround, bankruptcy and workout situations as well as re-positioning companies faced with changing market and funding situations.

Each of the Principals and Associates of Revitalization Partners have held senior management positions, having served as executives and Board Members of companies ranging from pre-revenue to multi-billion dollar enterprises, and have extensive experience in dealing with the types of situations faced by our clients.

Our role focuses on performance improvements and strengthening the overall position of the company

Revitalization Partners 12843
Alan Davis

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