Arab African Council Endorse Several Peace Delegations from Libya

(, August 07, 2017 ) Geneva, Switzerland

The Arab Council met with a number of delegations for which the council accepted and endorsed the following proposals:

A proposal for lobby and special envoy appointment of the Council Chairman, in support of an Initiative and Declaration of
Saif Al Islam Gaddafi through his Chief Council Dr. Khaled Al Zaidi, Esq., wherein, Saif Al Islam Gaddafi publicly renounces violence as any means to conflict resolution in Libya, supporting Peace, Unity and Reconciliation across all entities and stakeholders in the Libyan Crisis, moving towards Stability, New Elections, New Constitution, Modern Form of Democratic Governance and supporting the Sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Nation of Libya.

The Council Chairman Endorses the Declaration and Accepted the International Community Lobby and Special Peace Envoy Appointments.

A proposal for the Establishment of a civil committee for new elections and poll support with Lobby for Funding, Technical and Administrative support by the International Community, made by Delegation Representative Professor Joma Ifhema (Bayda, Libya) and Integration of the National Oil Representatives into a single entity, with lobby in support of such efforts, as well as Special Envoy Appointment of the Council Chairman, to communicate the aims of the delegation to the International Community and National Oil Ministry counterparts abroad, This lobby and special envoy appointment was accepted by the Council Chairman.

A proposal by representatives of a Delegation to Lift the UNSC Arms Embargo on Libya, in order to aid its National Army and Police to combat Terrorists, Criminal more effectively, this lobby proposal and special envoy appointment was accepted by the Council Chairman.

A proposal by Delegate Representatives for State Council Member (HOR), Idress Abdulhadi (Libya), for an international anti-money laundering Conference proposed to be held in Egypt During November 2017 under the Auspices of the Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development (AACSED), this Proposal for Lobby and Special Envoy Appointment was Accepted by the Council Chairman.

The Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development is composed of retired diplomats, businessmen, notable personalities and subject matter experts in support of peace and stability in the MENA Region.

Arab African Council on Socioeconomic De
Council Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Zayed

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