AACSED Sponsors Technical Committee to Launch National Irrigation Project



African Aquifer Systems Explained

(LegalLaw247.com, November 25, 2018 ) Cairo, Egypt -- The Chairman of The Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development (AACSED) Dr. Mohamed Zayed, PhD - Stated today that Based on newly discovered confirmation of Vast Groundwater Reserves in Africa's North Central Continent equal to more than 100 times that of Surface Water and able to last more than 150 years at Bore-Hole Flow Rates of 5- 20 Liters per second a Technical Committee was sponsored to Launch a National Irrigation Project "The Great Nile II National Groundwater Irrigation Project"

The New Study commissioned by the British Government confirms suspected theory on the vast reserves of Africa's Aquifer System - in particular, the areas which run under Egypt and other North/Central Countries.

With new technology it is now possible to launch a National Mega Project Based on these findings and exploit the benefits for the sake of Egypt 100 Million Population for the next 150 years or more with an effective bore-hole flow rate average of 5-20 liters per second, more than enough for new agricultural Irrigation technology delivery systems to deploy effectively.

As an example, a project by a Chinese - Egyptian Group in the western desert, has already proven the bore-hole efficiency of over 600 cubic meters per hour rate and this will supply a giant sugar beet farm, and feed an even larger sugar refinery project for the benefit of Egypt providing a great proof of concept for the further development of Groundwater Exploitation and supporting the basis for the "The Great Nile II National Groundwater Irrigation Project"

The AACSED is a regional council of expert advisers composed of retired business, diplomatic, technical and academic personalities from the Arab African Region - consulting as a non profit for Government and Private Sector stakeholders across the Arab - African Region since 2009 - registered in the UK with regional representation in all primary countries of the area

Arab African Council on Socioeconomic De
Dr. Mohamed Zayed

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